A Life Jacket is only effective when you are wearing it.

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The Newhaven Coastguard Team covers the area (White) from the River Cuckmere to as far west as Brighton. The Newhaven Team may be called on to support our flank stations of Shoreham (Yellow) or Birling Gap (Red), and even other companies if required such as Littlehampton (Blue). This is a reciprocal arrangement.

Between Brighton and Newhaven our guard consists of 100 to 200 ft shear chalk cliffs with rocky ,slippery, terrain below the high water line. At Newhaven is the river Ouse on which is a commercial, ferry and fishing port. There are popular beaches at Newhaven and Seaford to the East. From Seaford to the river Cuckmere the chalk cliffs rise 200 to 300 ft, again with slippery rocky surface below the high water line. 

There are marinas at Brighton and Newhaven, a number of slipways at Newhaven and various access points through out our patch that are used by the public. Newhaven has an East pier that are popular with fishermen. Brighton has two piers and the breakwater arms of the marina, most of which is accessible to the public.Throughout our area are also popular sailing, dive and angling clubs. 

There can be heavy flooding around the Harbour area when the high tide corresponds with extremely heavy rainfall in the area. We have also responded for search and rescue Inland at Uckfield when the river burst its bank and flooded the town. 

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